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What is Translational Science in drug R&D?

In the very first lecture of pharmacology in the school of pharmacy, I learned that drugs are originated from “poison”. This seems to have happened in history by someone finding wisely how to use such substance positively to remove a disease, improve human health and daily life. Through 40 years of my career in drug discovery and development, the same principle has commonly worked for the program to succeed, i.e., to assess and balance risk vs. benefit for patients. This has practically been achieved by; the response of living body to the drug is fully and quantitatively characterized with good understanding of the underlying mechanism, which is then tested by clinical testing. Whether or not the clinical outcomes are consistent with the understanding is to be assessed, if necessary, including existing database or knowledgebase to fill the gaps in observation, eventually assuring the benefit of drug treatment may well exceed the risk for the patient or not. The mechanism of drug response often involves many and broad range of elements. They interact to each other in complex manner to the extent that may vary patient to patient. Even for the same patient, the response may differ depending on the environment and conditions. Chuo Translational Science LLC identifies the relevant factors in such challenging exercise, then, propose robust and rational approaches in drug discovery and development, working with business partners.

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